A year at the easel

The Stern, 50x100cm, pastel and chalk on paperLaguna Beach, 14.5x42, Watercolour on paperDry-dock, Gouache on paper, 68x51cmBeneath the hull, 70x120cm, pastel and chalk on paperAutumn still life, Oil on linen, 40x40cmAt the Bow, 64x51cm, Gouache on paper'Yellow Irises', 40x40cm, OIl on board'Villa by the Med', Gouache on board, 40x28'The silver tray', 102x76cm, Oil on board'The quiet pool', 81.5X98cm, Oil on board'The pines', 40x40cm, OIl on board'The oasis', 42x30cm, Watercolour on paper'The oak tree', 51x36, Oil on board'The Kasbah, high Atlas', 51x36, Gouache on board'The fort, Antibes', Gouache on board, 33x25cm'The brook', 75.5x50cm, Oil on board'Tea Rose', Oil on board, 20x20cm'Swallows at Eggardon', 81.5X98cm, Oil on board'Sur la cote', Oil on board, 102x76cm'Summer evening', 33x25cm, Oil on board'Spring onions', 40x40cm, OIl on board'Splendour', 40x40cm, OIl on board'Simple pleasures, Oil on board, 96x117cm'Rocky shoreline on the Mediterranean,, Gouache on board, 25x33cm'Quiet Rose', Oil on board, 20x20cm'Pasture', 51x36, Oil on board'Out of the sun', 51x36, Oil on board'Mountain village, Morocco' Watercolour on paper, 59x21cm'Midsummer', 40x40cm, OIl on board'Meeting at night', Oil on linen, 40x40cm
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