D37, Gouache on paper, 68x51cmAugust in the yard, Gouache on paper, 64x102cmQE class, Gouache on paper, 62x54cmWelding, Ink on paper, 62x54cmDawn on the Clyde, Gouache on board, 33x25cmBehind the mask, Oil on linen, 40x40cmScaffold worker, Oil on linen, 40x40cmScaffolder, Woodcut, 25x32cmDockside, Chalk and charcoal on paper,52x64cmBelow decks, Ink on paper, 62x54cmDry-dock, Gouache on paper, 68x51cmScaffolding at the stern, Ink on paper, 64x52cmBeneath the bow, Gouache on paper, 65x52cmSculptor, Woodcut, 25x33cmBeneath the hull, 70x120, Pastel and chalk on paperDuncan and Defender at Scotstoun, Gouache on paper, 68x51cmEmerging from the shed, Gouache on paper, 68x51cmShip in the making, 68x51cmBetween decks, ink on paper, 62x54cmShipbuilder 1, Clay, 15x15x32cmEngineering, Oil and chalk on canvas, 120x153cmBulkheads, 51x68cm, Pencil and carbon on paperShipbuilding, Ink on paper, 2017 300x200cmBursting out of the sheds, Pastel and chalk on paper, 68x52cmFairfields, Charcoal on paper, 150x250cmShipyard brotherhood, Acrylic on canvas. 100x150cmClydebuilt, Oil and chalk on canvas, 120x152cmSparks and steel, Woodcut, 25x33cmFairlfields, Gouache on paper, 75x55cmClydeside Crane, Gouache on paper, 52x64cm
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