Govan portrait, Oil on linen, 40x40cmSteel hull, Chalk and pastel on paper, 150x120cm'At work on the Queen Elizabeth'; Charcoal, graphite and watercolour on paper; 68x51cm;HMS Queen Elizabeth, Gouache on paper, 104x65cmStern section, Carbon and pencil on paper, 68x51cm'Govan shipyard'; Charcoal on paper; 150x180cmHull sections, 64x52cm, Gouache on paper'Govan slipway No 1'; Charcoal, chalk and watercolour on paper; 68x51cm;The Block, Gouache on paper, 68x51cmJohn Brown; Welder, Chalk and charcoal on paper, 52x64cmThe forward island, Gouache on board, 33x25cm'Queen Elizabeth', 68x51cm, Ink and watercolour on paperLBOH2, Gouache and chalk on paper, 68x52cmThe other side of the Clyde, Gouache on board, 33x25cmCompartment welding, Chalk on paper, 52x64cm'Work in progress', Gouache on paper, 68x51cmMetal worker 3, Clay, 20x20x35cmThe Royal Dockyard,Gouache on paper, 68x51cmControl tower, Gouache on paper, 52x64cmApprentice, Acrylic on board, 70x120cmPolish shipbuilder, Oil in canvas, 40x40cmThe Stern, 50x100cm, pastel and chalk on paperArc welding, woodcut, 25x33cmCranes nocturne, gouache on paper, 62x50cmPreparing for construction, Pastel and chalk on paper, 52x68cmUnder the waterline, Gouache on paper, 52x65cmAt work, Ink on paper, 62x54cmPrince of Wales in Dry dock, Gouache on paper, 64x52cmCrouching welder 3, Clay, 30x20x10cmWelder, Oil on linen, 40x40cm
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