'Shipyard', 300x200cm, Ink on paperShipbuilding, Ink on paper, 300x200cmFrom the other side of the Clyde, Gouache on paper, 68x51cmBursting out of the sheds, Pastel and chalk on paper, 68x52cmPropeller shafts, Gouache on paper, 68x51cmFifer, Charcoal on paper, 150x250cmFairfields, Charcoal on paper, 150x250cmGangway, Pastel on paper, 150x180cmSteel hull, Chalk and pastel on paper, 150x120cmMetal worker 3, Clay, 20x20x35cmShipbuilder 1, Clay, 15x15x32cmCrouching welder 3, Clay, 30x20x10cmGovan portrait, Oil on linen, 40x40cmWelder, Oil on linen, 40x40cmPolish shipbuilder, Oil in canvas, 40x40cmBehind the mask, Oil on linen, 40x40cmScaffold worker, Oil on linen, 40x40cm'Govan shipyard'; Charcoal on paper; 150x180cmShipyard, Pencil and pen on paper, 75x55cmDawn on the Clyde, Gouache on board, 33x25cmGovan in winter, Gouache on board, 33x25cmFairlfields, Gouache on paper, 75x55cmGovan cranes, Gouache on board, 33x25cmClydeside Crane, Gouache on paper, 52x64cmThe other side of the Clyde, Gouache on board, 33x25cmGovan by night, pastel on paper, 150x100cmGovan by night, Gouahce on paper, 65x52cm'The fabrication shed'; Charcoal and chalk on paper; 68x51cm;'At work on the Queen Elizabeth'; Charcoal, graphite and watercolour on paper; 68x51cm;Compartment welding, Chalk on paper, 52x64cm
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