New Work

'The silver tray', 102x76cm, Oil on board'Midsummer', 40x40cm, OIl on board'Cote d'azur', Gouache on board, 33x25cm'The pines', 40x40cm, OIl on board'Mar Saba', Watercolour on paper, 59x21cm'Cocktail hour', Oil on board, 76x102cm'The quiet pool', 81.5X98cm, Oil on board'Little paradise', 25x33cm, Gouache on board'The oasis', 42x30cm, Watercolour on paper'Buff Beauty', 40x40cm, OIl on board'Le café', 102x76cm, Oil on board'Bouquet', Oil on canvas, 66X64'The oak tree', 51x36, Oil on board'Last of the irises', 40x40cm, OIl on board'Big Sur', 102x76cm, Oil on board'An English summer',75.5x50cm, Oil on board.'Afternoon storm in the Atlas'. Watercolour on paper, 59x21cm'Afternoon by the Med', 25x33cm, Oil on boardWelder, Oil on linen, 40x40cmUnder the waterline, Gouache on paper, 52x65cmQE class, Gouache on paper, 62x54cmFairfields, Charcoal on paper, 150x250cmBehind the mask, Oil on linen, 40x40cmThe Stern, 50x100cm, pastel and chalk on paperEngineering, Oil and chalk on canvas, 120x153cmAugust in the yard, Gouache on paper, 64x102cmPrince of Wales in Dry dock, Gouache on paper, 64x52cmThe Royal Dockyard,Gouache on paper, 68x51cmAt work, Ink on paper, 62x54cmEmerging from the shed, Gouache on paper, 68x51cm
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